Leadership & Management Training

Leadership & Management Training

Are your leaders adequately equipped to create a diverse and inclusive workplace? Do they understand their own implicit biases? Do they know how to identify and tackle micro-aggressions before they become micro-inequities? Argue Like a Girl carefully crafts presentations and workshops to better equip your managers and leaders to be better at their jobs and greater assets to your company. We tackle race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and national provenance to help you create an inclusive culture which breeds a diverse workforce.

Tension Resolution

Sometimes something has already happened to make employees and leaders concerned about the safety and inclusiveness of a workplace. This is the time to intervene and make it clear, in no uncertain terms, that your business will not tolerate certain behavior. Argue Like a Girl can provide one on one interviews as well as group discussions to guide your team through moments of tension.

Employee Training

Your employees deserve more than click-through online programs and canned presentations. If you want someone who will call it like it is, break through the hum drum of "sensitivity training" and bring true awareness to your employees, Argue Like a Girl is the right fit for you. We don't regurgitate the same old tropes, facts and figures. Our message is modern and our delivery dynamic.

Educator Guidance

Educators are at the forefront of cultural change. From elementary school through graduate programs and professional training, gender and racial biases have to be identified and addressed. Argue Like a Girl provides customized presentations to address issues that pertain to your particular educational field. If you want to better equip your educators to tackle harassment, discrimination, and micro inequities, you have to arm them with the right information and tools. Argue Like a Girl will help you do that.

Policy & Material Review

Argue Like a Girl is available to review the materials and training programs you already have within your organization. We analyze them for current feminist, racial, and social justice issues, identify problematic language and ineffective messaging. Our goal is to review not just what you say, but how you say it, and who gets to say it. We are also available to review internal policies and procedures to identify problem areas and pitfalls.