Dr. Carminati has years of public-speaking experience. She has engaged and educated lawyers, doctors, students, business people, and activists. Her passion is as fierce as her words are sharp. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, lecturer, or trainer, you've come to the right place.

‘You Are Not Welcome,’ Micro Inequities and Gender in the Workplace

Why do women leave male-dominated fields? What makes a training facility, a university, a hospital, a law firm, or an office a toxic place for women? It's not the lack of work-life balance. It is the lack of transparency and the erosion of meritocracies. We want what everyone else wants. And here are the ways we are kept form succeeding. Learn of the myriad ways that your team may be undermining and driving out intelligent, driven, ambitious women who would make your organization soar.

Sexual Harassment as an Act of Aggression

Years of misinformation have led to several myths about sexual harassment: that it is about "political correctness," that it can be confused with flirting, and that it is essentially "harmless." Adoption of these ideas makes it inordinately hard to actually fight sexual harassment because they mischaracterize it out of the gate. Sexual harassment is an act of aggression. Understanding why that is try, how to identify it, and how to address it. A powerful, personal, and impactful presentation.