Workplace Gender Inequality

  • Power structures: how they exist and their impact on gender equality
  • Workplace disparity and ways to address it top to bottom and back

Sexual and Physical Dignity

  • Legal battles over access to contraception & abortion
  • Curtailment of female sexual autonomy, from the dawn of ages to the present
  • Sex positivity and slut shaming

Everyday Sexism

  • Identifying and addressing (un)conscious bias
  • Identifying and managing internalized sexism
  • Understanding the emotional and psychological toll of "casual" sexualization

Feminist Advocacy

  • Litigating domestic abuse (physical and emotional)
  • Litigating gender-based violence and oppression

Women's Rights

  • Legal battles for and over women's rights: from home to office, from uterus to wage gap
  • Intersectionalism and distinctions across class, race, religion and nationalities

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