Continuing Legal Education


Trauma-Informed Representation: Competently Representing Adult Victims of Trauma and Domestic Abuse

Trauma victims present a number of characteristics that result from their trauma. This includes PTSD with all its plethora of symptoms, as well as the effects of gaslighting and trauma bonding. Understanding these characteristics is critical to understanding how victims view the world and interact with others, including their lawyers. It is also important because victims of trauma will present cognitive, logistical, and communication challenges. This is an excellent CLE for immigration attorneys, family law attorneys, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and personal injury attorneys. 

 This course has already been accredited in states throughout the United States and includes 1 hour of ethics CLE.

Introduction to Space Law

What is Space Law? What does it mean? Based on her semester-long Commercial Space Law & Business class, Dr. Carminati offers an overview of the laws governing outer space. Her presentation covers international, national, and state laws. From the Outer Space Treaty, to the USC, the CFR and Space Activities Statutes, your lawyers will get to listen to an interesting talk about an often misunderstood subject.

 This course has already been accredited in states throughout the United States. 

Operator Liability Under U.S. Law for Claims by Crew and Spaceflight Participants

This course addresses the seismic change in U.S. space law that took place in 2015 when the Federal Government created federal jurisdiction for space disputes and mandated a federal cross-waiver. This change raised significant and unresolved pre-emption, choice of law, and forum shopping issues.

Invite Dr. Carminati for this unique course that addresses these issues by identifying analytical frameworks and possible outcomes. The course also includes a review of federal law, state law, and international law (where relevant). 

This course has already been accredited in states throughout the United States.